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Sound Familiar?

FSD might leave you feeling alone with your confusion and frustration. But many women are having the same struggle. Here are some stories that might sound familiar:

  • "I wanted to want sex because my husband is very sexual and we had had a great sex life when we were younger."
    Age: 39, Green Bay, WI
  • "I have an amazing husband, three incredible children and a wonderful life. The only thing missing: I never wanted to have sex…we had sex, usually a couple of times a week. And while I did it, part of me dreaded it. Every time."
    Age: 44, North Adams, MA
  • "I've been struggling for some time with declining interest in sex… Sexy bits of a novel I would skip, finding them boring and a painful reminder of what I wasn't anymore."
    Age: 32, San Diego, CA
  • "Associating sex with pain for all of these years made me hate it and dread it and only continue it to keep normalcy in my relationship. I was feeling so sad SO much of the time. It impacted many parts of my life."
    Age: 48, Hershey, PA


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